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May 24, 2011

Yunnan Heartland

A wee update from our descent into the tropics of Yunnan. Day 35: Lijiang - Jianchuan, 89km, small climb then mostly downhill/rolling. Day 36: Jianchuan - Duanjadeng, 53km, small climb then mostly downhill - inc. 22km riding around temples at Shibaoshan, Day 37: Duanjadeng - Yangbi (1500m) 116km, mostly downhill…
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ChinaChina - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringPhotographyTravel
May 15, 2011

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Shangri-La - Tiger Leaping Gorge Day 26: Rest in Shangri-La Day 27: Rest in Shangri-La Day 28: Shangri-La - Baishuitai (2485m) 106km. Day 29: Bahshuitai - Walnut Garden, Tiger Leaping Gorge (1900m) 71km. Day 30: Hiking in TLG. Cheeses for sale in the Shangri-La market. Locally made metal-ware. Sorry but…
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