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blind saddle clarence river bikepacking

New Zealand: Blind Saddle & Clarence River Bikepacking

| Bikepacking, New Zealand | 2 Comments
Now that the spring equinox is about to roll around, it seems like a good time to start…
Tramping in the Toaroha, Mungo & Kokatahi Catchments, West Coast, Highlux Photography

Tramping in the Toaroha, Mungo & Kokatahi Catchments, West Coast

| Hiking, New Zealand, Tramping | 6 Comments
| Ticking off Remote Huts | During the last 15 years or so, Easter is traditionally a time…
Mt Te Wera, Darran Mountains

Darran Mountains, Fiordland: A Traverse from the Lower Hollyford Valley to the Cleddau Valley via Turners Eyrie

| Alpine Rock, New Zealand, Rock Climbing | 20 Comments
| Crossing the Central Darran Mountains | In mid March of this year I had a window of…
bikepacking lake rotoroa new zealand

Back on the Road in New Zealand: Bikepacking Picton to Christchurch

| Bikepacking, New Zealand | 3 Comments
| Onto The Mainland | This post covers part two of our relocation journey from Tauranga to Christchurch,…