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January 25, 2012

Son of Krakatoa

We had a couple of days spare in Kalianda before we were due to get a ferry across to Java and then onwards to Jakarta before flying back to New Zealand. Smoking (and sometimes rumbling) away in between the islands of Sumatra and Java lies a group of volcanoes, of…
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January 24, 2012

Final Days: Krui – Kalianda

Day 227: Krui - Bengkunet (50m) 96km. Flat and very quiet. Good narrow road. Day 228: Bengkunet - Pringsewu, 121km. Two 600m climbs (1500m total climbing). First through national park second through more urbanised area. Day 229: Pringsewu - Kalianda (20m) 103km. LAST DAY OF RIDING! Flat and rolling ride…
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China - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringCyclingIndonesiaPhotographyTravel
December 19, 2011

Highland Valleys: Danau Toba – Bukittinggi

Day 208: Danau Toba - Tarutung (905m) 95km. Rolling downhill with 400m total climbing. Day 209: Tarutung - Padang Sidempuan (300m) 112km. 1270m total climbing, mostly through jungly valleys and villages. Day 210: Padang Sidempuan - Kota Nopan (400m) 117km. First day on Trans-Sumatra Highway. Traffic moderate though and road…
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China - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringCyclingIndonesiaPhotographyTravel
November 30, 2011

In Search of Orangutans: Takengon – Ketambe

Day 202: Takengon - Lumut (440m) 89km. Nicely graded climb on good road then rolling descending on sometimes dirt roads. Total 1485m climbing. Day 203: Lumut - Blengkjeren (875m) 73km. 29km climb to pass then descent and rolling valley. Good roads, but sometimes ultra steep. Total 1985m climbing. Day 204:…
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China - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringCyclingIndonesiaTravel
November 24, 2011

Into the Steeps: Meulaboh – Takengon

Day 199: Meulaboh - Jeuram (45m) 44km. Flat. Day 200: Jeuram - Beutong Ateuh (500m) 70km. 2100 metres of climbing through forest and jungle over single range. Sometimes brutally steep, especially after the 43km mark. Day 201: Beutong Ateuh - Takengon (1200m) 69km. More brutally steep climbing, then rolling through…
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China - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringCyclingIndonesiaTravel
November 15, 2011

South Down Sumatra’s Coast: Banda Aceh – Meulaboh

Day 194: Banda Aceh to Lamno, 84km. Good coastal road over several headlands. 630m climbing. Day 195: Lamno to Calang, 75km. Mostly flat coastal road. 250m climbing. Day 196: Calang to Meulaboh, 105km. Flat road through coastal plains and wetlands. Day 197-198: Mark sick in Meulaboh. After two days in…
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China - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringIndonesiaPhotographyTravel
November 11, 2011

Banda Aceh, Sumatra

Day 191: Fly to Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Days 192 and 193: Sightseeing around Banda Aceh. The final leg of our 8 month cycle touring odyssey commences in Banda Aceh, Sumatra; a name synonymous with the devastating 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami which killed over 61,000 people in the city alone.…
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