China – SE Asia 2011

China - SE Asia 2011LaosPhotographyTravel
September 25, 2015

Laos Secret War and the Bomb Boats

Bomb boats. Bolikhamsay Province, Laos. They're fishing canoes made from long range fuel canisters discarded by US bombers during their Secret War bombing campaign in Laos. I photographed these near Nam Theun Village while on a 13,000km cycle tour through South East Asia.  Discovery Digital's Seeker Network picked up on…
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Butcher, Zhongdian market. Yunnan, China.
October 7, 2013

Travel Photography Interview

Hilltop stupa, Wat Tham Khao Pun, Thailand. I was honoured to be approached by Hotelclub for an interview about my travel photography recently. Just today they've put live a series of interviews with photographers around New Zealand and Australia. Please check it out here. Butcher, Zhongdian market. Yunnan, China.
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January 25, 2012

Son of Krakatoa

We had a couple of days spare in Kalianda before we were due to get a ferry across to Java and then onwards to Jakarta before flying back to New Zealand. Smoking (and sometimes rumbling) away in between the islands of Sumatra and Java lies a group of volcanoes, of…
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January 24, 2012

Final Days: Krui – Kalianda

Day 227: Krui - Bengkunet (50m) 96km. Flat and very quiet. Good narrow road. Day 228: Bengkunet - Pringsewu, 121km. Two 600m climbs (1500m total climbing). First through national park second through more urbanised area. Day 229: Pringsewu - Kalianda (20m) 103km. LAST DAY OF RIDING! Flat and rolling ride…
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China - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringCyclingIndonesiaPhotographyTravel
December 19, 2011

Highland Valleys: Danau Toba – Bukittinggi

Day 208: Danau Toba - Tarutung (905m) 95km. Rolling downhill with 400m total climbing. Day 209: Tarutung - Padang Sidempuan (300m) 112km. 1270m total climbing, mostly through jungly valleys and villages. Day 210: Padang Sidempuan - Kota Nopan (400m) 117km. First day on Trans-Sumatra Highway. Traffic moderate though and road…
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China - SE Asia 2011Cycle TouringCyclingIndonesiaPhotographyTravel
November 30, 2011

In Search of Orangutans: Takengon – Ketambe

Day 202: Takengon - Lumut (440m) 89km. Nicely graded climb on good road then rolling descending on sometimes dirt roads. Total 1485m climbing. Day 203: Lumut - Blengkjeren (875m) 73km. 29km climb to pass then descent and rolling valley. Good roads, but sometimes ultra steep. Total 1985m climbing. Day 204:…
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