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Out East

July 6 was my birthday, so we decided to do something different and drive out east of Calgary to check out the Royal Tyrrell Museum - aka The Dinosaur Museum.…
Mark Watson
July 13, 2009
CanadaMountain Biking

Five lessons

1. Just because it hasn't rained for 3 weeks, and you haven't needed to wear more than a t-shirt and shorts for weeks, doesn't mean it won't decide to thunderstorm…
Mark Watson
June 22, 2009
CanadaRock Climbing

Skaha Sport

Take some blocky and bulgy Mt Arapiles quartzose, mix it with some Wanaka-style crimping, add in some pines, wildflowers and rattlesnakes and turn the temperature up to 30 degrees -…
Mark Watson
June 18, 2009

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