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Five lessons

By June 22, 20094 Comments

Bike transport - Canadian style

1. Just because it hasn’t rained for 3 weeks, and you haven’t needed to wear more than a t-shirt and shorts for weeks, doesn’t mean it won’t decide to thunderstorm just when you get dropped off at the top of 1150m singletrack descent.

2. Never believe what you read on the internet: mud, hail, rock gardens, talus and steep drops does not equal ‘fast and flowy’.

3. Tubeless is great, until tear your tyre open on a rock.

4. No one ever carries the tools required to put a crank back on, even if you can find the crank nut.

5. With a 2-stroke petrol powered blender you can go from Zero to Margarita in Three Seconds




Zero to Margarita in Three Seconds

Monster Truck. This is how you carry 8 people and 7 bikes up a 4WD track

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