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Out East

By July 13, 2009One Comment

July 6 was my birthday, so we decided to do something different and drive out east of Calgary to check out the Royal Tyrrell Museum – aka The Dinosaur Museum. The museum’s in a tiny town called Drumheller, out in the Canadian Badlands – an expansive landscape of gently rolling plains that were riven by water bursting from massive glacial lakes back at the end of the last ice age. The titanic flows of water scoured out shallow canyons in the landscape, full of hoodoos and fortunately for palentologists – millions of dinosaur fossils. If you’re intersted in dinosuars, the well funded and impressive Royal Tyrrell Museum is the place to check out – it’s got one of the best collections in the world.
I shot the following pictures on the plains on the drive back to Calgary (the first one is courtesy of Hana).
Birthday in Drumheller [photo by Hana]
On the drive between Calgary and Drumheller
Rapeseed fields near Drumheller
Rapeseed fields near Drumheller
Not sure what these mysterious sheds were for...
This little guy took a liking to my 16-35mm

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  • kristen foley says:

    happy belated birthday Mark. Your pics are sweet. You are only 7 days (and a few years) younger than Kailash. cher

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