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By February 21, 2012No Comments

Yep, it’s true, we got back to New Zealand in mid December and somehow two months has slipped by already. I’m endeavouring to get my blog back up to date though, because there’s plenty to post about! So watch this space. If you’re one of the readers/viewers who has been following our cycling journey through China and South East Asia things are going to take a different tack I’m afraid – cos the cycling’s over, though I’ll still be posting the odd bike trip from time to time. We have vague plans for another long trip (I’d love to ride the length of the Americas) but that’s a few years away.

In the meantime though, we’ve got lots going on. Hana’s been working on contract as a product developer at Cactus Equipment and training for the 1100km Kiwi Brevet (which was a couple weeks ago now) and I’m doing a mix of freelance design and photography work, as well as working on a book project with author Paul Hersey (more about this in a later post).

Interestingly, after nearly three years of constant travel (bar an 8-month work stint in the UK) and 13,000km on our bikes in the final 8 months both of us felt like we could have kept going. Though we miss family and friends, we don’t get homesick and both seem to be driven by an inate desire to discover new places, spaces, people, cultures and adventures. The lure of the road is strong.

Two things drove us home in the end though. One was a diminishing bank balance and the other was a wedding. Thanks for getting married Chris and Tam – we might still be pedalling in Indonesia and trying to get by 0n $2 a day otherwise!

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