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By June 18, 20093 Comments

Ben riding a steep drop on a local rideLooking out over KamloopsFrom Skaha (previous post) we drove a couple of hours to Kamloops to hang out with Hana’s bro Ben, and his wife Maribel for a week. Ben and Maribel met in Canada a few years back but have been based in NZ until they moved to Kamloops about a year ago. Kamloops is a city of around 80,000 but due to the unlimited space here it feels like it covers about the same land area as Christchurch (370,000). Odd. The hills are big here too – with some of the hill suburbs 600 metres higher than downtown (yes – that’s a big ride home!). Anyhow – Kamloops is a BIG mountain biking centre, and Ben’s right into it – the perfect tour guide…

All downhill from hereBenSlicing through the treesBenShaking out

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