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36 hours in Berlin

By August 17, 20106 Comments

With just a few days left in Germany after Nico and Anna’s wedding we decided to make a blitzkrieg visit to Berlin – a city I’ve always wanted to visit, ever since I was a war-comic-absorbing kid and then a teenager learning of the reunification of Germany in 6th form social sciences.
Well, Berlin didn’t disappoint. There’s a lot too see, and walking around the city I was amazed how in-flux it felt – like it’s very much still recovering from WWII and its Cold War fracturing. Segments of The Wall are still visible, along with such icons of Berlin history as the Reichstag and the former Luftwaffe Headquarters (now the finance dept!). Stepping further back Berlin’s older imperial buildings sit nearby modern post-reunification skyscrapers, and in-between there are untold memorials and curiosities to discover. Next time I’ll be back for longer! [More pictures below – click ‘notes’ for captions].

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