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Lost Cities

By February 1, 20103 Comments

I don’t recall the first time I heard about the enigmatic culture of the Maya, whose language was only recently deciphered, but I’ve always wanted to learn more about them and to see their jungle clad cities and temples – they’re the cities that invoke memories of Tintin stories like Prisoners of the Sun and Flight 714, and Indiana Jones films.

The dominant culture of Meso America for 1000 years (starting around AD 250), the Maya were brilliant early astronomers, mathematicians, architects and artisans – creating calendars based on observations of the moon and stars, developing a system of calculation and creating singularly awesome pyramids, temples and cities – embellished with carvings and artworks.

Their empire was based around south eastern Mexico – principally the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala and Belize, and dozens of their city sites are now preserved as national parks, open to the public. Many sites are still being excavated from the jungle that has swallowed them, with the freshest sites only just being explored.

The humid, lowland jungle environment of Palenque was our first Maya city after leaving the highlands of San Cristobal de Las Casas, and from there we have been roaming around the Yucatan Peninsula for the past week.

Check out some photos from the Maya sites we’ve visited so far …

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  • Hey Mark, I am loving your pics of Mexico, you have visited alot of the places we went to and its so awesome to see it through your lens, i think I am quite possibly (apart from Hana) your biggest fan! I only had my little point and shoot when we were there (and two small impatient kiddies!) and I would love to go back there with my Digital SLR. Keep em coming! What editing programme do you use???

    • admin says:

      Thanks Maree. Nice of you say so! I’ll try to keep em coming…
      I use Lightroom to manage and edit all my photos, but sometimes hop into Photoshop if something needs an extra tweak. Lightroom 2 is brilliant: built in gradient filter etc…
      Heading towards Oaxaca today. Did you go there?
      Mark (and Hana!)

  • I’m using lightroom too, it rocks! You are very subtle with your editing which is nice. Wish I new PS, I have it but usually end up hating everything and everyone around me after trying to find my way around it. Sent you an email on FB re: Oaxaca. have fun!

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