This page and series of blog posts follows Mark Watson and Hana Black’s transcontinental cycling journey, following the length of the Americas: from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. A distance of over 30,000 kilometres.

We’re expecting approximately two years on the road and will be attempting to stitch together a route that stays off paved highways and in remote back country as much as possible.

We started on June 6, 2016 with the arctic Dalton Highway and the Denali, Taylor and Top of the World Highways. Then crossing Canada via the Klondike, Alaska, Stewart Cassiar and Yellowhead Highways, through to the Icefields Parkway which we followed down to Banff. From there we joined the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route through the cold fall months right through to Hachita, New Mexico; just short of the Mexican border.

We then headed west across the deserts of South Western USA to San Diego, arriving in early December 2016. The incredible Baja Divide came next followed by a circuitous route through Mexico’s altiplano and the southern Sierra Madre. From Chiapas we crossed into Peten, Guatemala then to Belize and back into Guatemala, which we crossed from east to west into the highlands, where we are now.

We’re really stoked to have some sponsors on board for our Alaska to Argentina journey: Revelate Designs (based in Anchorage) and Biomaxa (New Zealand) are supporting us, along with Kathmandu and Pureflow (site hosts). Revelate design the best suite of bike packing bags in the world and we’re proud to be pedalling south with their gear. Keeping the bikes operating sweetly are Biomaxa, a small NZ company producing environmentally friendly lanolin-based (yes – from sheep) cycle lubricants. Their chamois cream will be keeping us happy during long days in the saddle too.

We blog about highlights of the journey and other aspects of bike packing as we go, so check back in for updates and ride inspiration. Most recent posts can be viewed below.

Packing list for fall on the Great Divide. Packing list for the Baja Divide.

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Honduras: La Ceiba – Catacamas

| Alaska to Argentina, Bike Packing, Honduras | 5 Comments
From the Caribbean Coast to Olancho. Although we'd only just hit the north coast of Honduras, our plan was to...

Honduras: Copan – La Ceiba

| Alaska to Argentina, Bike Packing, Honduras | No Comments
Back to the Caribbean Coast. With all the kilometres we've been putting in lately as we count down the days...

Antigua – Copan, Honduras

| Alaska to Argentina, Bike Packing, Guatemala, Honduras | One Comment
The end of Guatemala and into Honduras. We hadn't really planned to use up the bulk of our Central America...

Antigua, Guatemala

| Alaska to Argentina, Bike Packing, Guatemala | No Comments
Guatemala's Grandest City. Antigua was once a cornerstone of the Spanish Empire in the Americas and at one time served...

Sierra de los Cuchumatanes: part II

| Alaska to Argentina, Bike Packing, Guatemala | 3 Comments
Part II: San Miguel Acatán to Chichicastenango. We'd originally planned a slightly shorter tour for our ride through the Cuchumatanes...

Exploring the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes: part I

| Alaska to Argentina, Bike Packing, Guatemala | 5 Comments
Part I: Quetzaltenango to San Miguel Acatan. In the north of western Guatemala's highlands lies a landscape thrust high; a...
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Mark Watson is a landscape and outdoor photographer with a passion for steep places and human-powered, two-wheeled machines.
He has authored or co-authored three books; his latest a photographers guide to Aoraki Mount Cook. [Instagram]
Hana Black has put her previous life as an outdoor clothing designer/developer on hold so she can follow her dream of freewheeling the length of the Americas on her Surly Ogre. In early 2016 she cycled the 3000km length of New Zealand in three weeks. [Instagram]

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