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Old Mill, New Mills

By September 24, 20103 Comments

Torr Vale Mill, New Mills, Derbyshire. Derelict cotton mill first built in the late 1780s. I’ve walked past this old mill a few times now on my way to go climbing and figured it might make a good candidate for an HDR image. After a drizzly day’s climbing on Monday I set up a tripod and snapped 3 exposures each at 2 stops difference. Merged in Photomatix and touched up in Photoshop.

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  • Congratulations on one of the few really good examples of HDR. It’s also an excellent photo in its own right — great composition and a wonderful perspective.

  • Very nice, have you been inside?? Have been playing around with HDR a bit myself (tonga sunsets) forgot about the slowly moving boats tho 🙂 Have got me inspired to try again. Great work, can’t wait to see shots of China.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comments. Would love to look inside that place but it would have to be a covert mission I think! Planning to take more shots there anyhow. Yeah – HDR is def better with static things ; )
      Looking forward to seeing your results Ree!

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