Alaska to ArgentinaBike PackingEquipment
August 20, 2017

Navigation & Routefinding for Bikepacking

How we plan and follow our route for Alaska to Argentina. Among the questions we are most frequently asked are 'How do you navigate?' and 'How do you find remote roads and tracks?'. This article provides an overview of our…
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Alaska to ArgentinaBike PackingGuatemala
August 11, 2017

Guatemala: Lanquin – San Pedro la Laguna

Seven days climbing into the Guatemala Highlands. The romantic notion of pioneering explorers 'walking off the edge of the map' is something that has always appealed. Such exploits might elicit thoughts of untracked Himalayan valleys and searching for lost cities…
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Alaska to ArgentinaBelizeBike Packing
July 8, 2017

Belize: San Ignacio – Hopkins

Exploring Belize. A former Caribbean outpost of the British Empire and still a part of the Commonwealth, Belize is a tiny yet incredibly diverse nation. Only 290 kilometres long and 190 kilometres wide, it’s bordered by Mexico to the north…
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Alaska to ArgentinaBelizeBike PackingGuatemala
June 21, 2017

East to Belize: El Remate – San Ignacio

The Mayan Cultural Triangle. This post comes from San Ignacio, Belize, just inside the country from the Guatemala/Belize border. After spending near to a month in Petén, Guatemala's steamy and sparsely populated northern province, we're now going to carve a…
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Alaska to ArgentinaBike PackingGuatemalaMexico
May 28, 2017

San Cristobal, Mexico – Flores, Guatemala

The Lacandon Jungle and the Frontera Region. This post comes from the shores of Lago Peten Itza where we are currently staying in the tiny village of Flores. After five amazing months mostly in the Sierras of Mexico, we’re now…
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Alaska to ArgentinaBike PackingMexico
May 2, 2017

Mexico: Palomares – San Cristobal

To Chiapas, the long way. We've reached San Cristobal de las Casas; a classic colonial mountain town high in Chiapas. This mountain basin is ringed in pine and fir forest which is a substantial contrast to the steamy forest and…
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Alaska to ArgentinaBike PackingMexico
April 22, 2017

Mexico: Oaxaca to Palomares

Sierra Madre de Oaxaca. Yesterday (April 20) we arrived in the steamy lowlands of southern Oaxaca - a paltry 100 metres above sea level. We're taking a rest day in Palomares - a small highway town sited about smack in…
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Alaska to ArgentinaBike PackingMexico
April 15, 2017

Mexico: Juxtlahuaca – Oaxaca

Riding against the grain. This post marks something of a breakthrough: it brings this blog properly up-to-date for the first time in about nine months of travel. Instead of reporting on what happened several weeks ago, this post is about…
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